Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED x1GUNx website! Where everything x1GUNx is right at your fingertips! Check out Player and Team Stats, Gamer News and Reviews, and find out how to become a Member if you aren't already! We also have a Suggestion Box for anyone who would like to make a suggestion about any part of our website.

About 1GUN:
Our Clan started when SoullessRob (AKA x1GUNxREAPERx) and DiggaMurda (AKA Xx1GUNxMURDAxX) decided to create it from the [GUN] clan tag that Digga used when COD4 came out. The Clan name GUN was taken, so they added a "1" and 1GUN was formed. Our clan grew until it was so big, the roster on GameBattles couldn't handle it. We were switching members on and off the roster so everyone could play.
Eventually, we joined forces with a clan that we played with all the time. [M203] Which is the Military term for the grenade launcher attachment for Assault Rifles (AKA Noob Tubes). Lets just say, they had a specialty.... LOL They weren't an 'Official" team on GameBattles, so they joined up with our Members as 1GUNs.

x1GUNx is a Social/Competitive Clan, who doesn't base members on pure skill. We want everybody to get along, have fun, and play as a team. This is not to mention that we look for players who are mature!

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