Want to become a Member of x1GUNx? Follow these simple steps:

1.) Send a message via XBox Live to x1GUNxREAPERx letting him know that you would like to join.
*Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for XBox360 is currently the only Division we compete in.
2.) x1GUNxREAPERx will then message you about scheduling a time to play some games with the team and see how everyone gets along. New recruits are chosen by their attitude, teamwork, communication, and somewhat by skill.
Mature applicants only
3.) After we have talked it over as a clan, you will then be notified within a day or so if you made it into x1GUNx.
4.) If you are chosen, you will need to sign up with accounts on GameBattles as well as Elite, if you have not already done so.
5.) Send SoullessRob a friend request on Gamebattles. This does not guarantee an instant spot on our Gamebattles roster! We have many, many 1GUN members and usually alternate members during clan matches so everyone gets a chance to compete.
6.) You will soon receive a clan invite via Call of Duty: Elite... Accept it!

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