Game: Call of Duty: World at War
Release Date: November 11, 2008
Rated: Mature
Co-Op: 2-4 Players
Multiplayer: 2-18 Players

Screen Shots:



What can i say? It's Call of Duty 4 in WWII, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. I think Treyarch wanted to secure themselves with a good game by not going out and making a whole new one. I think anyone can agree they would do the sae thing seeing as to how COD4 is unstoppable online. I really like World at War. I'll always be an avid fan of Cod4 but it was time for a change. I am a gamer who likes a challenge, and once you hit that gold cross the game loses a bit of it's edge. I was finding myself team killing at times cuz it seemed more fun. So anyway, back to WAW. First of all, is it me or do the fucking creators not listen or care to a damn word people online have to say. I love the M203 grenade launcher, i mean hell i even used to sport that as my clan tag. But it is not fun when you start a match and you're dead already because some retard shot the damn thing straight in the air and has a science down to it already. DO NOT PUT THAT SHIT IN THE NEXT GAME. Or at least make it to where you cannot use it straight out of the shoot. Next, probably the worst perk from COD4 was now just given steroids and put into this game. Why is it that if I snipe someone, and they fall behind cover on last stand, their idiot buddy can give them a shot of magical elixir and take my kill away. I was in Iraq myself and know damn well that when you get shot you need some time to brush that shit off. I know it's just a game but seriously Treyarch, this was the dumbest thing you guys could have done. Besides these two things i love the game. The maps are so vast its incredible. Plenty of sniper spots for Steel to ping heads. Yes ROb, the animation is a little off but i don't really care how dorky my guy looks running as long as he gets to where he needs to go. So listen, i know Cod4 is a great game but please switch over to World now. Please and thank you.

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