Game: Gears of War 2
Release Date: November 7, 2008
Rated: Mature
Co-Op: 2-5 Players
Multiplayer: 2-10 Players

Screen Shots: 
Let me start of by saying I LOVE THIS game. Epic really did a lot for the sequel of an already awesome game. They added so much to the series (New Locusts, New Weapons, Awesome New Maps and Remade Maps, Sweet Graphics, and New Game Types). But choosing a number 1-10 to rate this game is difficult for many reasons. Epic added so many great and interesting things to the Gears of War series that it would almost defiantly be a 10. But I guess what is good must also come with the bad. There are more than a fair share of things WRONG with the new Gears of War 2. Multiplayer on this game is absolutely horrible. The Chainsaw for the Lancer is way too overpowering, and is almost unstoppable when it is used against you. Meleeing, shooting them in their face, revving your own chainsaw.... all seems useless against someone else's chainsaw. And the Chainsaw duels are another thing in themselves. If you are lucky enough to actually GET a Chainsaw duel and not just simply get Chainsawed, you are vulnerable. One of the other guy's asshole teammates can run up and kill you whil in the duel and there is nothing you can do about it. Two piecing with the Shotgun doesn't work too good in this installment, either. It seems as though when you try to Melee someone, that it doesn't REALLY do much. It may stun them for a split second 50% of the time. Also single shots with the shotgun seem to only work for a chosen few. And all this goes on IF you can even FIND a match to begin with. If there are 4 people in your party, you might as well forget about finding a match unless you drop a person or find another one. And when it Lags, it Pours. If you get a bad host, the game isn't always dropped and can keep going with NO WAY for you to back out without going to the Dashboard or popping out your game. Now, like I said in the beginning.... Let me end by saying I LOVE THIS game. BUT they desperately need some patches for the Multiplayer.

~*~CwG Pennywise

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